Monday, August 31, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Lesson Well Learned!

Yesterday afternoon about 4:30 there is a knock on our front door. I was wondering who in the world it could be since we don't get a lot of "drop in" traffic. As I'm peering out our window to see if I recognize the car, I realize that it's Cathie (aka GaGa). When I open the door I look in her hands and I bet you can't guess what she was holding, Yes that's right a Thomas the Train Book! I just started laughing and called for Rhett to come to the door, I told him it looked like GaGa read the blog today! She said she couldn't believe I didn't buy that baby the book, so she had to head to the store herself to pick one up! Aren't Grandparents the best!!!
When Aaron got home I told him the story and he said, Well that was a very good lesson to learn what happens when you throw a fit! Grandparents come to the rescue!

Playing with his new book. It has all sorts of sounds and songs! Thank You GaGa!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Book Store

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch and afterwards decided to take Rhett to Barnes & Noble. There is a book that I have been wanting to read and I thought he might enjoy walking around the children's section. I had already made up my mind that I was not going to buy him a book, I'm a huge sucker when it comes to children's books, but the boys have plenty so that was my plan...
We walk into the store and up the escalator (such a big boy!) and over to the children's area. (Note to self: Get your stuff first, then play...) He starts walking around looking at everything, grabbing some stuffed animals, just having a good ol' time! Then we walk to the other side and I show him the little chairs and his face lights up! He crawls into one of them and sits for a minute and then he's down again. He goes over to the board books and is walking up and down the aisle like he knows what he's looking for, but just can't seem to find it. Then he does.... it's a Thomas the Train book on the very bottom shelf! He picks it up, walks back over to the chairs, climbs in and sits down and begins to look at his book! I had nothing to do with this whole procedure, all by himself!! I was thinking to myself, what a genius I have on my hands!

Climbing into the chair to do a little light reading

Looking at the Thomas book
After a few minutes I look down at my watch and determine that we need to put this book away and go get the book that we came here for, pay, get in the car and get home in time for his afternoon nap. So..... I say to him let's go buddy. He climbs down out of the chair and we start walking back to the shelf, I take the book from him and put it back. Then, the world came CRASHING down! He falls into the floor screaming and crying because he wants that book. I was taken aback for a minute because he is usually pretty even tempered. (I would totally expect something like this from Grant!) So I begin to try and pick him up and I use the word "try" because that's exactly what it was. He was pulling the go limp and she can't do anything about it routine. So here we are in the middle of the store, I have a screaming child that I am desperately trying to pull up off the floor plus hang onto my purse and get out of here without looking like a totally incompetent mother! As you will remember, I told you that the children's section is on the second floor so we have to ride the escalator back down (located smack dab in the middle of the store) and yes he is screaming the entire time and still trying to get away from me. Now I'm holding him Vietnam Style (slung over my shoulder) and running to get out the door! The minute we hit the parking lot, he's silent....
REALLY!!!! Needless to say, neither one of us got a book.
I honestly never thought I would be THAT mother with the out of control child. I had to eat alot of words yesterday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Piano Men...

Carnegie Hall, Here We Come!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hobby Lobby

I went to Hobby Lobby today to have some pictures framed of the boys. Their Aunt Amy took them about 7 months ago! Yes, I'm just getting around to getting them framed, at least it's not 7 Years ago! Anyway, not the point of my story....
I did a collage of each of them, Grant's pictures were all of him with his keys. Ah... the keys, for about 5 or 6 months, that is ALL he wanted! Rhett on the other hand was never really attached to any one particular toy. So this is where my story gets "interesting." For Christmas last year, my grandmother gave each of the boys an antique gun that belonged to my grandfather. It was such a special gift and I was so happy that she did that for the boys!
Anyone that knows Aaron and I at all are probably aware of the fact that we own guns and use them. I grew up hunting (yes the deer in our office is Mine, not Aaron's!) and being around guns, so it's never been a big deal to me! So, I wanted to get some pictures of the boys with the guns to have for us and to give to my grandmother. I told Amy I didn't want the boys holding them or anything, just wanted them in the picture! (I think they turned out great)
So here is where it gets funny, I take the photos in to be framed and I lay out Grant's key pictures and we get that taken care of (with many comments on how beautiful his eyes are!) and then I lay out Rhett's pictures and tell the guy I want his to look the same as Grant's. He starts writing everything down and then is numbering the pictures in the order I want and I notice that he takes a double look. Then he looks up at me and says: "Are those guns behind him?" I look down not really even thinking about the "slight" differences in the pictures and say: Yes, they were gifts. And he replies back with: "Well it takes all kinds!"
Good Grief! How do you respond to that? I chose not to...
Here are a sample of the pictures that are being framed, I guess it is funny when you think about Grant holding the cute little plastic keys and Rhett has an arsenal sitting behind him!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Beans & Ham

So I'm going to say that last night was our First Official Family Meal! (I didn't have to fix anything special for anyone else...) Our menu included, Baked Ham, Green Beans & Cheddar Broccoli Rice. When Aaron got home he asked what was for dinner and I said ham.... Grant immediately went over to the oven to check it out!

This was a huge deal for Rhett because he normally spits out everything we put into his mouth. I was extremely excited when he actually ate the ham! He was also ok with the rice, but is still not a fan of the green beans, can't blame him, they are gross!

Grant LOVES ham and green beans, I have a feeling he is going to be a big fan of Easter dinner!

Stuffing our mouth, mmmm, so good Mommy!

Having some yogurt bites for dessert!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Come Fly with Me!

We went to Pampa last weekend and thankfully we were able to fly on my Dad's plane! It makes a 5 1/2 hour trip into an hour, as you can imagine that is a dream when you are traveling with two One Year Old little Boys!!
The trip up there wasn't all that great, Grant wasn't feeling well and ended up throwing up all over me, Humpty (his BFF) and himself. Nothing like stepping off the plane to meet family covered in yogurt and baby Cheetos vomit! (Ah, the joys of motherhood!)
Anyway, the trip back was sooooo much better. Everyone took their naps when they were supposed to and Aunt Razzles put on a little show to keep us all entertained! These pictures are from my phone, so they aren't the best quality, but very sweet if I do say so myself!