Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monster Feet

My parents bought the boys these house shoes when they went on their Alaskan Cruise. They LOVE them, they were them everywhere, obviously!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Haircut

We took Grant to get his first haircut on Saturday. He did pretty well, towards the end he had had enough though! He looks like such a big boy now!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Arizona Biltmore

Over the Labor Day weekend, I got to take a trip with my sister (just the two of us!) to Phoenix. We stayed at the Biltmore which is my favorite place ever! I know there are plenty of resorts out there, but I just LOVE it there. It's so beautiful and I know where everything is and I love the food, so it's just great all around. Anyway, we left on Friday and as we were waiting for Abby's friend to pick us up we decided to sit down. We sat right behind this man. We could tell he looked very different and he had alot of equipment with him, like guitars and such. So I said to Abby, I think he is famous. Then other people started to stop and tell him how much they liked his music and his reply was always, "Rock On". Clearly he is from the Woodstock Era...
I heard someone call him Edgar, so I start googling Musicians- Edgar (love that iPhone!) and finally discover that he is Edgar Winter. I believe most of you will recognize one of his more popular songs "Free Ride". I couldn't believe we didn't ask to get a pic with him, oh well... So I just have the one that I took on the sly!

Then we were off to eat lunch at my favorite burger place, In-N-Out! It was delicious!!!
We finally get to the Biltmore, this is the main common area, Camelback Mountain is in the back.
This is a picture of a woman who fancies herself a Pirate, look closely and you will see the real LIVE Parrot on her shoulder...
She was one of many characters we saw over the weekend. Not to be a snob or anything, but the Biltmore usually has a certain type of guest that you can count on seeing. You know the type, matching bathing suit and cover up, full make-up at the pool; men in Lacoste shirts and linen shorts, you see where I'm going right???
Anyway, we pull up and see a sign that says: Welcome Hell's City Tattoo Convention
Are you KIDDING Me!?!?
It was out of control, these were not just people that had the little tat around their ankle or the ever popular college "tramp stamp". These people were covered Head to Toe (literally).
It made for some great people watching, sadly I did not get any snaps of the people and their "Art"!
The pool where we spent our days....
Trivia: Every President since Herbert Hoover has stayed at the Biltmore
A Beautiful Sunset, I just love it out there....
P.S. They boys stayed here with their Dad and my parents. They had a great time!! I'll put some pictures of them up soon...