Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Grayson!

Grayson had his Birthday Party at McDonald's today.
Rhett had a great time, I think Grant was a little overwhelmed by all of the things going on! But as you will see, once the cake came out... he was good!
Sliding with Rachel, I think the enclosed slide gave him a bit of a scare, Rhett not so much!

Grant decided he wanted to give it another try, so I took him up. The picture is a little blurry, but there we are! The plastic playground equipment is not as forgiving as a bounce house; I believe I have a few bruises to prove it!
Birthday Cake
The Birthday Boy!
(He was hard to track down for pictures, very busy playing)
Mmmm, CAKE!!!
In true Rhett fashion, he took one bite gave his standard Mmmm noise and was done. Not sure why, but he doesn't like bread, cake, muffins, etc. Where did he come from???
Brooke opening presents, Grayson was busy scraping icing off the sides of the cake!
Happy Birthday Grayson! We hope you had a great day!
Love YOU!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Baby Grant

Some days I have more pictures of one of the boys than the other. Usually because that particular day, one of them has decided to do all sorts of crazy stuff!

These first two are of Grant and I playing Hide & Seek. For once, he was up from his afternoon nap before Rhett. He was very proud of his clever hiding spot...

MOM, here I am!!! He would just crack up when I
"didn't know" where he was.
After I put the boys to bed, I do a quick scan of the playroom to make sure no cups or food has been left in there. This is how I found Grant's chair, I laughed out loud! Funny the things kids pick up on!
Helping Daddy pull his boots off...
Almost got it...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fire Station

On Friday, we took the boys to the Fire Station. We have one right on the corner of our neighborhood and Grant just loves seeing the trucks outside! Here we are waiting outside to go in, we are all ready with our Fire Hats on!

As we were waiting, we heard a loud noise inside the station and then some fire men came running out to their truck, Yes.... they got a call and had to leave! It was pretty cool to get to see them hop on the truck and turn the sirens on though. They honked the horn at the kids as they drove by!
Their was a smaller truck still outside, so we got some pictures sitting on it. Grant is telling Rhett all about what is going on...
Sitting with our neighbor, Jenna
Luckily, their were some more Fire Men that had not left yet so they came over to see the kids and take some pictures.
We went across the street to the park for awhile and we saw the big Fire Engine come back to the station. So we loaded the boys up and went back. The Fire Fighters were so nice, they let us inside the garage to see all the vehicles. They even let the boys crawl through the Big truck!
Rhett was not very interested in posing with the Fire Men, so they took our picture with the boys. We had a great day and the Fire Fighters were very kind to let two little 18 mo. old boys run around their station!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Around

The boys love for you to sit outside their house and "order" food from them. They get the biggest kick out of it!
So if you're ever in the area during lunch time, stop by... they will gladly take your order!

Driving their trucks around. I have a feeling Grant might be an alright multi-tasker, that kid can do anything while still holding on to Humpty!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rhett's 1st Hair Cut

Well, I finally gave in and we took Rhett for his first hair cut last Saturday. I didn't want them to trim too much because I LOVE his curls! Here he is getting ready, you can see the excitement on his face...

So, you can tell by the tears, he was a little attached to the curls as well! He finally calmed down when I put up Veggie Tales on my phone, yes... I have become THAT mother. In my defense, the entire little shop was looking at us because he was so loud!