Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Festival

Last Saturday, the boy's school had a Fall Festival.
They had a wonderful time!
First up, the fishing booth. Waiting to see if he catches anything...
Thank you Grandad and Uncle Linky for making it and Rachel for doing the painting!!
WOW, a bag of Goldfish Crackers!
Of course no event would be complete without Rachel there!
She volunteered to run the fishing booth for us.
Attempting to go in the bounce house.
We got all the way in and then had to climb back out because we weren't interested in the slide.
Ahh! The Pumpkin Patch!
Mommy spent many hours gathering all the pumpkins and hay and scarecrows, not to mention setting it up. But, she did it all for her boys who LOVE "hunkins"!!!
(Do you think this was the highlight of their day??? NO.... all they could talk about after they got home were the ducks, oh the joys of children!)

The planting table

The Prized Duck Pond!
We spent alot of time here and came back several times.

Spin Art

Bead Work
We borrowed GaGa and Papa's Hunkins to put in the gym.
Grant was thrilled to see them again!
Decorating some cookies

One last stop at the Treasure Hunt before heading home for a nice LONG nap!

We had a great day at the Festival!
Thank you Razzles for all of your help, we would never make it without you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

Last week, the boys' classroom had a Teddy Bear Picnic! It was supposed to be outside, but it rained all morning, so it was in their classroom. I think all the children were a little confused as to why their parents were there. But we all had a great time!

Ms. Sharon, sitting behind Grant, is their teacher. Ms. Meca, sitting to the left, is the teachers assistant. They are both very sweet and the boys seem to like them alot!
Daddy, Rhett and Pooh Bear
Rhett could hardly wait for the picnic, he really enjoyed being able to serve himself.

Sitting down for a nice picnic lunch.
Cheese, strawberries, goldfish crackers and teddy grahams, YUM!
Daddy having a little chat with the boys and their friend Sofia.

"Trying" to get a group shot of all the students with their Teddy Bears!
This is one of the songs that they sang for the parents, as you can see the children weren't that into singing!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trick or Treat

Smell Our Feet, Give Us Something Good to Eat!

We started our evening at Razzle's House!
Razzles had a lovely assortment of juice boxes and yogurt melts, how did she know that was just what they wanted?
Waiting for the Parade to come by
Here are the Keller Police leading the Trick or Treat Parade!
(this took place in Razzles neighborhood, hope they didn't mind that we crashed the party)
The boys friend "Cake" (aka: Kate Spooner) stopped by as she was Trick or Treating!
Rhett thought he saw a kitty in the tree that needed rescuing!

Our Trick or Treating Clan
(Pink Kitty, Fireman 1, Fireman 2, Buzz Lightyear)
And they're off!

Getting some treats. Thankfully they haven't had candy yet, so they had no clue what people were putting in their pumpkins! I think they were just happy to be out walking around.

The Fireman had a long day, it was time to call it a night!
I think they put out all the fires they could!