Saturday, April 23, 2011


Last weekend, I got to have an all girls weekend!
Aaron kept the boys and he took them to the Airshow on Saturday.
They all had a great time!
The boys are sitting underneath a C-130, I'm sure they were impressed with how big it was!
Aaron said Grant was very excited to get out and touch all the planes. Rhett was happy to just stay in the stroller, maybe he was a little nervous?
Jackpot!! An orange helicopter, Rhett's favorite color.
I guess he felt it was ok to venture out for this one.

Another giant airplane, I'm told this one is called a C-5
Grant walking around in the plane
Rhett decided he would look around too!

Watching the orange helicopter take off
Once the helicopter landed, Grant got to talk to the Coastguard
And do a little flying!
What a fun Boys Day Out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Planting Day

A few weeks ago it was Family Planting Day at the boys school.
We had a great time digging in the dirt, or I should say the boys had a great time in dirt!
Rhett is placing the flowers to make sure they look good.
Daddy stopped by to see how it was going.
Grant is supervising mommy, he likes to tell everyone what to do!

The finished product.
Sitting with the pretty flowers!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

A ride on Thomas the Train!
Aunt Amy & Uncle Hagan got the boys tickets to ride Thomas for Christmas and today was the day! We all had a great time!

There was alot to see and do. A Thomas the Train bounce house.

Getting a close up look at Thomas
Getting Thomas the Train tattoos. (stamps as Grant called them)

Taking a snack break before we get on the train
Checking our tickets while we waited in the VERY LONG line!
Getting on the train!
And... We made it!!!
Rhett spent most of the ride, just like this. He was so excited that he was shaking!!
Grant was uncharacteristically calm, I think he was a little unsure about what was happening!

Getting our tickets punched

What a fun time! We enjoyed our ride Thomas!
Thank you Aunt Amy & Uncle Hagan!
We had a wonderful time!!