Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago, we met our friend Jameson at the Dallas Children's Museum.
We LOVE the museum, so much to do and see!
Grant's favorite spot is the water room, which is shocking because there is a giant Fire Truck to play on!
Grant is milking the cow on the farm.
Of course he kept telling me that the cow was going pee pee in the potty :)
Driving the Fire Truck
Rhett loves the sand table, probably because I never let them play in it at the park.
It just freaks me out and it's dirty...
(That's our friend Jameson in blue)
All the Firemen!
Thanks for coming to play Jameson, we had a great time!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Tate

I'm clearly a little behind on my posts! Some of you may be wondering where the Ladd side of the family was during Easter. Well.... They were in Austin welcoming this little guy into the family!

Hagan Tate Dial
Born: April 21, 2011
Tate made a special trip to GaGa and Papa's so we could all meet him!
The boys thought he was pretty cute. I was very happy with how sweet and gentle they were being with him.
Grant would walk up and put his head down and just say Ahhhh
Little Tate taking a nice nap in Uncle Aaron's arms!
We are so happy you are finally here Baby Tate!
We look forward to many more fun visits!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Easter morning the boys woke up to find what the Easter Bunny had left in their baskets.
They were so excited to find that they had alot of good treats!
First out of the basket... the trains!

We sure do love our trains, we play with them everyday!!
They also got their first golf club, Daddy is giving them a lesson!
(But when they're ready for serious golfing, Mommy will step in :)

Off to church we go...
The boys were so proud of their outfits. Of course everyone kept telling them how cute and handsome they were!
Grandad and GiGi joined us for church
Egg Hunt at Razzle and Linky's House

Confetti Eggs are always a big hit!
Grant was cracking a confetti egg on Grandad's head!
Surveying their basket of eggs, I think they did alright!
Once again, we had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egg Dying & Egg Hunt

One of my favorite things to do during Easter is to color eggs.
But, this is the first year that we have attempted that with the boys!
They had a great time and it was fairly mess free :)
I found this great egg spinner that makes tie-die eggs.
They though this was alot of fun!
Rhett's first dyed Easter egg
Showing Daddy how to do it...
Grant's turn to spin!
Grant's First dyed egg
Grant decided he liked the "old fashion" way better!
About to go on an Egg Hunt!

Can't wait till tomorrow, more fun coming our way!