Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Merry Go-Copter

When I went home to Pampa a few weeks ago, Ganny gave me an old toy of mine that she has been saving! I was thrilled because I LOVED this thing when I was little and I couldn't wait to show it to my boys!
Train and a Helicopter... I think they are going to love this thing!
Yep, I was right :)
Rhett couldn't stop grinning and Grant just wanted to get closer and closer!!

We all had so much fun watching the train drop the little boy off to ride up the elevator and then into the helicopter for a ride! What a great toy, so glad Ganny saved it for us!
Thank YOU!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Boy Beds

About a month ago, Rhett & Grant got Big Boy Beds!
They love them!!! They went to school on a Tuesday morning, and when they came home, they found this surprise waiting for them!
(sorry about the o'possum eyes, used my phone camera)

All snuggled in for a nap...

I think they are very comfortable :)
This is how I found them when it was time to wake up!

They have done a great job sleeping in their beds. No one has offered to get out until we tell them to and No falls!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas with the Bradley's

The first weekend in January we celebrated Christmas with Grandad's Family.
We had a great time eating, playing and opening gifts!!
Rhett & Grant were serving up some ice cream cones for Ashely and Aunt Pat!
The boys couldn't wait to open their presents, what could it be?
Yea! A super hero cape!
Yep, makes them move with the speed of light!
Woo Hoo!!
Just hanging out
Passing out the stockings
Cool, Ganny got the boys a Spider Man tent, they were so very excited!!
Thank You Ganny :)
More presents :)
And he's back to it again, "helping" with gift opening!
We have started a new tradition with our gifts.
A White Elephant gift exchange, it's so much fun!
Lincoln was first and he opened a beautiful new purse :)
(don't worry, someone eventually stole it from him)
Ganny decided she needed the Shark Vacuum that Grandad had opened!
We had a very fun day, lots of laughs.
Already looking forward to next year!