Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ok, ok... So I'm a little late with the Halloween pictures :)
We've just been so busy and time is flying by!
On our way to school in our fun pumpkin shirts!

 Checking out the cool treats the Great Pumpkin left us.
 Grant loved his silly face glasses!
 After school, we decorated some pumpkins.

 They were very proud of their pumpkin friends!
(I had to sneak them to the trash just today, they were beginning to not be so friendly!)
 After our naps, it was time for the "party"!
They were convinced Trick or Treating included a party, so we played along.
Rhett is a Yellow Robot and Grant is Iron Man
 Shining Bright with Razzles and Linky!
(Grant's costume came with a built in light, of course this meant I had to figure out how to get a light on Rhett's costume as well. I finally decided to try those push lights that you stick in your closet or cabinet. It worked like a charm, however was VERY bright!)
 GiGi and Grandad came over for the "party" too!

 And they're off...

 I believe they went to 6 houses and they were done.
 Does anyone else think he looks like he's 15?
Maybe just me then, man they sure are getting big fast.
(I don't like it)

 One last stop at home!
We left Razzles and GiGi to man the house.
 They climbed up into Daddy's truck and poured out all their candy.
I told them they could each have one piece. Rhett kept say: "On this Day??"
(They don't get much candy, so he was totally puzzled that I so willingly let them have some!)
 The Trick or Treat party would not be complete without watching It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. They loved it!!!
Hope all of you had a fun day too!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

This past weekend we took the boys back to Keller for a visit. We got to stay at Great Wolf Lodge for a couple nights and it was fantastic! We all had a blast!
This is the Lobby, all decorated for Halloween.

 There is a whole wall of windows that over looks the water park. We waited patiently for Daddy to check in so that we could head to our room :)

 That's Aaron at the front desk! The boys couldn't understand what was taking so long?
 So, they checked out the Giant Cuckoo Clock and
 the Tree House with the Giant Spider!
 Finally, we made it to the room!!
It was really cool, the boys had their own little room.
 Watching a show on their bunk beds while we got settled.
 Then we headed down to the Water Park!
They boys had to be measured to see what areas they could swim in.
 They were so excited to be in the water. I don't have any pictures from that night because I was busy swimming too!
 After we got cleaned up, it was time to go Trick or Treating.
I had packed their Batman Capes, so we had a costume, Yea!
 They gave us a list of spots to hit all over the hotel, great way to learn where everything was. Each of the girls handing out candy was dressed as a Cowgirl!
 They really like this girl :)
 The last spot for Trick or Treating was at the Restaurant.
So, of course like every other parent there, we decided to just eat there for dinner.
The kids meals each come with a pair of Wolf Ears.
 Howling is encouraged around here!
 Before bedtime, we walked down to the Lobby for Storytime. The boys loved it!
Rhett was insistent on getting his picture taken with Violet :) Its' the best picture I have of him from the whole weekend!
 The next day we had a very special visitor, Rachel!!
She spent the whole day with us and went swimming. It was great to see her, we have all missed her very much. 
 Great Wolf Lodge was so much Fun! We highly recommend a visit if you get the chance!
Before we headed back to Dallas, we went by our house in Keller to say goodbye one last time. The boys were happy to see the house again and I think they might understand a little better now that we don't live there anymore. I LOVE this picture of them, lots of great memories in this house!