Monday, March 3, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas Morning was very exciting for all of us! 
The boys were very specific with their lists this year.
Rhett: Car Video Game, R2D2 and Perry (from Phineas & Ferb)
Grant: Double Lightsaber, Perry and a big candy cane

 Waiting anxiously to come downstairs!

 Very happy with Santa's gifts!

 Enjoying his Car Video Game and showing off his Perry!
We think Santa knew what a great time we had in Disneyland, so he brought the boys their very own Monorail!

Grant showing off his "big" candy cane and trying out the new sled.
Santa sure knows what kind of toys are handy to have here in Amarillo! 
 Rhett is chatting with R2, they boys have had so much fun with him! He just rolls all over the house and talks ALOT!

 Present Time

 Daddy is showing Grant how to use his shotgun.

 The boys each wrapped their gifts for me! They were beautiful packages, I almost didn't want to open them :) 
 Introductions had to be made to the Star Wars crew! 
They all seem to be getting along nicely. 
 After playing for awhile, we loaded up and went over to Pampa for more gifts!
 Getting ready :)

 Couldn't leave this cute Santa Picture out!
We Love Baby Duke!!
Once again, we all had a wonderful Christmas! We are so very blessed!