Friday, July 30, 2010

Pampa Playdate

After the Birthday Bash, we went to Pampa for a week. We got to see alot of family and have lots of playtime outside! We invited our cousins, Natalie and Jaycee, over to "swim" with us one day. I know the boys had a good time and so did I because they were very entertained by their older cousins :)

Every time the boys would spray Jaycee she would squeal, so obviously this became a fun game!
Natalie helping Rhett on the swing set
Aunt Jamie went home and got the girls slip n' slide and that's when the fun really started!
Grant is telling Natalie to GO
So she did, and this was the funniest thing Grant had seen in awhile. He just laughed and laughed!

Playing with a new Birthday Gift
Thanks girls for coming over to play with the boys. They had a wonderful time, hope to see you in Keller soon!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Rhett & Grant!!!

First pictures that morning!
Still a little sleepy...

New Play Kitchen from Mommy & Daddy
Both boys have enjoyed playing with it, but Rhett might be a Chef when he grows up!

Happy Birthday Brother

Practicing for the Big Moment!

Reading a story with GiGi
Opening an early present from Grandad and GiGi
Very cool racing cars
Let's Get This Party Started!
Having a "chat" with Pablo
Trying to ride his new Tonka Truck from Aunt Amy & Uncle Hagan
Time for a pizza break

Family Pictures

Back to Presents
"Opening" their tricycles from Razzles and Uncle Lincoln
And they're Off!

Rhett was worn out from all the gift opening, so he decided to take a different approach :)
(Lounging in their Backyardigans Couch from Grandad & GiGi)
Opening his Tag Jr. from Gaga & Papa

Grant is probably trying to talk Grayson into giving him a little push in his Tonka Truck!
Blowing out his candles; I think all the singing scared him a little
Grant's Turn
And now.... They Eat and Eat and Eat
(this statement will be important later)

Thank You for Making our 2nd Birthday Wonderful!!!
Because of all the eating, (the boys really don't eat much junk) both boys woke up sick about 2 hours after going to bed. I'll let you use your imagination because it wasn't pretty! We were taking showers at 10 p.m. Poor Babies :( I wonder if they still thought it was worth it? I kind of think so!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a Difference a Year (or Two) Makes!

July 11, 2008
July 11, 2009
July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We're the Backyardigans!

Sorry I'm a little behind on Birthday pictures, we went to Pampa and just got back today!
These pictures are from the boys' friend party that we had on Saturday. They had a wonderful time despite the 95% humidity!

Walking outside to see the party.
The picture is so foggy because of the humidity, we were all soaked and it wasn't even raining!

Family Picture in Front of Backyardigans Bounce House

Pablo is the boys favorite character on their "show"!

Here are Uniqua and Tyrone (aka: Razzles & Uncle Lincoln)
Aaron and I were Tasha and Austin

Grant, Zanna, Rhett & Kate
Audrey sliding in the bounce house

It was time for a Snack!!
We came inside to watch some Backyardigans and open gifts
Grant opening some playfood from their friend Audrey
Daddy helping Rhett open presents
The boys had such a great time with all their friends!
Thanks to everyone for making their Birthday Party special!!