Friday, July 29, 2011

Silly Ol' Bear

This morning we took Rhett to see his first movie!
Winnie the Pooh! On the drive to the Theater, he kept saying: I want to see Pooh Bear on the movie. I think he was excited!
Buying the tickets
Rhett is giving our tickets to the ticket taker.
(Notice Pooh Bear came along to see his own work :)
We had to take 2 escalators to get to our theater. This only made the trip better for Rhett!
"Come on Guys, this way..."
Choosing his seat
Daddy and Rhett
Mommy and Rhett
(FYI: We can't remember the last time that Aaron and I both were alone with one of the boys. Nice quality time!)
Loving the popcorn, he munched on it the whole time!
Very interested in what's happening on the "Big Show"!
Who wouldn't Love this???
After the movie, Rhett went with me to run an errand.
He kept singing: Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh...
It was so cute! We all had a great time!
(Don't worry, Grant will have his turn in a couple days)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Boo Boo & Ferdinand

Razzles and Linky had one more Birthday present for each of the boys.
I couldn't imagine what it was because she said it needed to stay on the porch for a minute.

Ahhh, mystery solved!
They gave each of the boys their very own fish and aquarium :)

The boys were so excited about their fishy's!
Grant named his fish right away, Boo Boo.
Rhett had to think about his for awhile, and after an hour I asked him again, he proudly said: Ferdinand!!
They love their fish, they are living in the boys room.
Thanks Razzles and Linky!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Monday, July 11th was Rhett & Grant's 3rd Birthday!
They had a very busy and fun day.
Good Morning Birthday Boys!

Linky had to work Monday night, so he brought the boys breakfast.
And yes, he brought them their favorite... DONUTS!
Yum, Yum

Oh yea! More trains, but where in the world are we going to put them all???
Maybe, we found a place...
Yep, sure did!
Grandad and GiGi got the boys this super cool Train Table.
They absolutely LOVE it, we are upstairs everyday playing with it!

Family Pictures with the Birthday Boys

Birthday Pizza
Time to Sing
They loved the Birthday song, they both just laughed and laughed.
They very much enjoyed having everyone's attention!
Blowing out his candles
Grant's turn, as you can see he was loving the song!
Making his wish :)
Mmmm, so good!

Time for presents!

What could it be???
Mommy and Daddy thought it would be fun to have their own tractor!
We are still working on the steering, you want to watch out if they are headed your way!

GaGa and Papa got them a new slide.
It's great and big enough to actually slide on!
Saying "Goodbye" to Baby Tate
As always, the boys had a wonderful Birthday!
We Love You Rhett & Grant!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sound the Alarm...

Rhett & Grant are 3!
They had their friend party at The Little Gym.
Everyone had a great time!
Rhett is trying out the balance beam.
Grant thought he would give the bar a whirl.
Grayson and Grant having a good time.

Parachute Time!

The moon walk was a big hit!

Time to Sing :)

Eating the yummy Firetruck Cookies

Back to the Gym...
So Strong!
What's a party without Bubbles!
Thanks to all our friends for a great party!