Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thomas the Train

On April 21st, Thomas came to town once again!
The boys were super excited to go for a train ride!!
As soon as we arrived they found the Thomas bounce house.

 Then we walked over to get Tattoos :)

 Grant chose James, the red engine.
Rhett chose Thomas!
 Then we walked into a tent that had several activities to do while you waited for your train ride.

 Finally, it was time to board our train!!!
 Rhett sat with Daddy this year, and 
 Grant sat with Mommy!
 The Conductor passed out everyone's Engineer Certificates,
Rhett was very happy to get his.
 Grant was looking his over too :)
 There was a clown waiting for us after our ride.
Both boys were happy to get a balloon hat!

 It was difficult to get a picture of them in front of Thomas because all they wanted to do was watch him!
 Watching Thomas take off on another trip.
(His whistle was a little loud!)
 After a busy morning of Fun, we were all hot and tired.
 One last picture in front of Thomas before we headed to the car!
We had a great day with Thomas!