Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

Two weeks ago was our Spring Break and we decided to stay in town. But lucky for us we have fantastic neighbors that are good friends and they were staying in town too! We spent the whole week with them doing all kinds of fun stuff!

 We went to the Discovery Center one day. There was a new Sid the Science Kid Movie, but unfortunately it was full and we couldn't get tickets :(  But we did get a picture!
 The Discovery Center had a new Dinosaur exhibit and the boys really enjoyed that!
Our friends Nathaniel and Ryan dressed up with the boys to sit in the Dinosaur nest.
 They also did a little digging for fossils.
 Grant had a great time "Roaring" around!
 Rhett & Ryan were playing with the Smoke Machine.
 Climbing up in the watch tower.

 Grant and Ryan playing around with the "Fun" Mirror.
 The next day we went to the Amarillo Zoo, yes, Amarillo has a zoo!
I was very surprised to learn this, however most of the animals could be found on Grandad's Ranch on any given day :) But the plus to this zoo is that you can get very close to the animals! The boys thought it would be fun to wear mustaches to the zoo, so they brought some for Nathaniel and Ryan too! 

 After the zoo, we walked over to a park for lunch and some playtime!
We had such a great time with our friends during Spring Break. We also had playdates at their house and ours!! 
To top off our Spring Break, Daddy surprised me with tickets to Bon Jovi! I've always wanted to see him, so this was so much fun! We had fantastic seats, very upclose!! 

While we were at the concert, the boys got to spend their last night of Spring Break with Razzles! Win, Win for everyone!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On March 6th, we celebrated Daddy's 35th Birthday!
We had a small party with just the 4 of us and an "Oreo Cake".

 When I asked the boys what they wanted to get Daddy for his Birthday, they were both very insistent on getting him a new remote control truck! He had a Hummer several years ago that finally broke and I think the boys were very upset about it!
 A few days later, we had a bigger party!
Razzles, Linky, GiGi, Grandad and Grandpa Weldon came over for dinner and some cake!
The boys couldn't have been happier, I think it was the cake :) They picked out the party stuff too, they decided we needed to have a hunting party!

Happy Birthday Daddy, We Love You!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Big Snow Storm

Two weeks ago we had a big snow storm. We got over 19 inches!
Here is a picture of the front of the house and our street.

Unfortunately the boys were both sick, Grant had the Flu and Rhett had a cold :(
So... they weren't able to go outside and play in all the snow. Daddy made an attempt at making them a Snowman. He gave it a very good effort but I think it's obvious that he didn't grow up around snow! 
Grant and Rhett did get to have a bowl full of snow for a special snack though!
Mommy on the other hand DID grow up around snow, so when WOOT had this cardboard Castle in the kid section this fall, I ordered it up! (Saving it for a snow day) We pulled it out on our 2nd day of house arrest and the boys were thrilled!
 They had a great time decorating, but Rhett was way more excited to decorate the inside!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Globetrotters

At the end of January, Grandad took all the boys (Rhett, Grant, Daddy & Linky) out for a special evening!
The Harlem Globetrotters came to town :) The boys had never been to a basketball game before so they were super excited!

 They had great seats right on the floor so they could see all the action!

 And as predicted, Grandad bought the boys new Globetrotter Basketballs :)

 Towards the end of the game it was time for a little dancing!

 Right before the game ended, one of the players took off his sweat bands and gave one to each of the boys. They were thrilled!! (I was a little grossed out, but nothing a trip to the washing machine can't fix!)
Playing a little basketball before Grandad left.

Thanks Grandad for a really fun night!!!