Friday, December 30, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

On December 23rd, Rhett & Grant had a special Early visit from Santa!
They were so surprised when they opened the door and he was waiting for them with some pretty cool gifts!
What is in those Big Red Bags???

Oh Wow! Big Boy Bicycles, just what Rhett had been asking for!
Santa with the Big Boys
Having a little chat, Santa knew that Rhett loves Trains, Digger Trucks and his Pooh Bear.
He asked Rhett if there was anything else that he wanted for Christmas and he said an Airplane.
Santa told him he needed to be a very good boy and maybe he would bring him another gift on Christmas Eve!
Grant was thrilled to be sitting with Santa. They had a little chat as well and Grant told Santa that he would like a Dinosaur Train.

Gaga and Papa joined us for the Special Visit
And Gigi and Grandad did too!

Santa was watching Rhett ride his new bicycle. Santa was very impressed with Rhett's riding skills! He couldn't believe how fast he could go.
Looking at our "Sittin' with Santa" Book
The boys were showing Santa all their pictures with him from the past years!

Grant was still a little nervous about riding the big boy bike, so he was showing Santa Humpty and telling him all about him :)
One last hug before Santa had to get in his Sleigh.
Merry Christmas to All,
And To All A Good Night!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We were very busy during the month of December with all kinds of fun stuff!
Here is just some of what we have been up to!
A train ride in the mall :)

And we're off...

Daddy ran upstairs to get a picture of the whole train.
We went over to "Cake's" house for some Gingerbread House Making.
We had alot of fun with this activity, because Mommy let us eat some of the candy as we decorated!!

Even Baby J got to join in the Fun.

We spent several evenings driving around looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.
This house won 1st place in Keller! There was a sign in the yard that said we could get out and look around. The boys loved that!
They had a nice little Christmas village set up in their window, complete with a train!
Rhett was thrilled :)
Rhett & Grant have a little elf that comes during the month of December and leaves them little treats in their stockings. On this particular day, he left everyone a surprise!
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Daddy- Theodore
Mommy- Brittany
Rhett- Simon (his favorite, loves him, sleeps with him)
Grant- Alvin (his favorite)
In case anyone is wondering... Yes, the choice of chipmunk fits their personalities to a tee!
We decided that we should just make it a chipmunk day, so we went to see the new movie.
Here they are standing with Simon and Alvin, they thought these were so cool!
We brought our new friends along for the show.
It was a really cute movie and we loved all the music!
And finally, we got to ride the horse and carriage at the Town Center.
Rhett has been wanting to do this forever, he was sooooo excited!!

I love the grin on his face. He had such a great time!

This was our horse, Max.
We had a very nice and cool ride!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Very Pampa Christmas

Last weekend, Rhett and I took off to Pampa for an early Christmas!
(Unfortunately, Grant had Strep Throat, so he and Daddy had to stay home)
We met at Aunt Jamie & Uncle Scott's home and had a nice brunch and then got right to the important part, PRESENTS!!!
Rhett & Baby Sailor
So excited about his Lucky Duck game, we have been playing it alot this week.
Is that a Bird, a Plane, nope... It's Super Rhett!
Aunt Jamie got the boys some Super Hero Capes, is there anything cuter than a little boy running around in a cape???
Since Daddy wasn't around to help with New Toy Set Up, Uncle Linky had to step in :)
Rhett, where are you?
(I think he missed his brother terribly, he kept asking everyone to play with him)
While we waited for dinner, we watched Frosty the Snowman on the Big show.
Christmas Dinner
Adult Table
Kid Table
Rhett got to sit by Jaycee, I know he thought he was such a big boy.
He kept telling her that he liked his Mac & Cheese!
After dinner, Rhett enjoyed an Indoor Snowball Fight!
He thought that was hilarious!

We came back home on Sunday and Grant was feeling much better!
So... he got to open his gifts from everyone.
Yea, Blocks! Both boys have had so much fun building with these.
Super Grant
Super Rhett
I love this picture!
Aaron said it looks like they are fighting Christmas Crime!
We had a great trip, but were very sad that Grant and Daddy had to stay home :(
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Christmas!