Monday, September 24, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't been very good lately with the blog, so here are a few of the things we've been doing! We have been to the Discovery Center a few times, but this is a picture of our first visit. The boys enjoyed checking out all the new things!

 We have had some visits from our cousins.
Here the boys are with Grayson and Emelynne at Country Pride.
(Daddy & Papa's favorite place to eat in Amarillo!)
 Our cousins, Natalie & Jaycee came over from Pampa one day too!
We went to eat at Mr. Gatti's and had tons of fun eating pizza and playing games!
 We've unpacked more boxes :)
 Had several Birthday Parties! 
(sorry my voice is so loud!)
 Happy Birthday GiGi!
 Happy Birthday Razzles!
 Rhett has enjoyed helping Daddy with projects around the house :)

 And Grant found a new costume!
I'll try to be better at posting more often. 
Not making any promises though!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Day of School

This last Tuesday the boys had their first day of school at their new school!
They were both very excited to be going back to school and making new friends!

 Outside the school, they were pretty thrilled that there were bells ringing to let us know school was starting!

 Dropping off their lunch boxes.
 Their classroom, Grant told me he was tired of taking pictures, hence his face :)
 They both went right in and got to work!
 Rhett found some play-doh with his name on it, so he couldn't be happier!
 Grant was checking out the paints, he asked me everyday before school started: Are we going to paint at school?
You can imagine his excitement over the paint cart!
 It was time for me to leave, so Grant gave me a big wave.
 I went back to pick them up that afternoon, they were happy, tired and sweaty!
 We headed straight home because it was time for their naps.
 So their snack and show had to happen in the car!
They both had a great day and enjoyed the new school.
Grant of course asked if he could go back to his old school and see Ms. Cortney, which made me cry. But he seemed to get over it fairly quickly!

Monday, September 3, 2012

School Supplies

A couple of weeks ago, the boys got a list of school supplies in the mail.
They were so excited for mail and I was so excited to go buy school supplies!!

 Here's what we need:
 We took off to Target and everybody got their own basket.
 Then we started loading them up!

 They were both thrilled to get markers and watercolors.
Those are special treats around here, so I think they expect to use them everyday at school!
 Time to unload our goodies and pay.

 Walking to the car. Grant told me he needed to carry the sacks because they were very heavy!
 Once we got home, we took everything out of the bags to look at all the wonderful supplies we purchased!
 I think they had a great time, not sure if they really understood what we were doing, but it was super fun for me too!
Who doesn't LOVE school supplies???
And that fantastic smell of pencils, crayons and glue... doesn't get any better than that!