Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goofy's Kitchen

Friday morning before we headed home, we had one last Breakfast with all our Disney Friends! 

 Grant really thinks Goofy is a lot of fun!

 Boys thought this mouse was super cute! I don't think they ever put together that she was from Cinderella!

 Our Favorite Guys: Chip & Dale
 Princess Jasmine
When Grant sat down he looked at me and said, "She's pretty, right?!?!
He loves the ladies!
 Pluto came back by to play some more.
 They were very excited to see Baloo!
Jungle Book is a favorite movie around here.
 Had to play on the escalator for a few minutes.

 Pictures around the hotel on our way out.
 We hope to be back some day Disneyland Hotel!

 Hanging out in the airport, waiting for our plane.

 They did great on the plane, thank goodness for LeapPads!
Grant loved his Mouse Ears, he would not take them off!!
What a wonderful trip we had! We made some great memories and had so much fun with our sweet boys! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Disneyland Day 3

On Thursday Morning, we went back to Chip & Dale's Breakfast!
The boys got to play follow the leader with all the Critters. 

 Then we headed back into Disneyland to ride the last few rides that we hadn't been on yet.
 First up, Peter Pan!
 We had to wait for awhile, it was the second longest wait we had the entire time!
45 mins, Yikes! 
 Heading into Wendy's Nursery
 It was a really neat ride! You "fly" through the whole thing!

 Then we headed over to Snow White's ride. 

 Alice in Wonderland was a lot of fun!

 After Alice, we walked over and finally got some strollers. The boys had been so great for the past 3 days and walked every step we took, but I knew they were worn out!
As you can see, Grant took to his new ride very quickly!
 So the longest wait we had was the Jungle Cruise, over an HOUR! The boys were so tired, but thankfully Daddy would hold them for awhile.
Finally getting on our boat!
 The boys did enjoy seeing all the animals on the cruise.
 After the cruise, we ran into Princess Jasmine and Genie!
The boys really wanted to go back and ride Pooh Bear's Honey Pots, so off we went!

Meeting Donald Duck
 We decided to go back to the hotel and rest for a little while and have a snack.
We loved the Disney Lounge, PB&J sandwiches, cereal bars, more goldfish than we could eat and juice boxes galore!
 After resting, we went back into the park for dinner at Carnation Cafe.
 The boys loved this dinner because they got to make their own PB&J's!

 If you can't tell what Rhett is putting on his sandwich, I'll tell ya.... Raisins :)
 He said his sandwich was delicious!

We decided to try their desserts and boy were they good!
All miniature, lemon pie, a smore' and strawberry tart!
Aren't the little mason jars super cute!
 Rhett wanted me to take a picture of the chocolate bar that was on top of the tiny smore'
 Disneyland City Hall
 We told the boys that we could go anywhere they wanted to go and they chose Cars Land!
 I have to say, it was even better at Night!
 We had given the boys Mickey Mouse money and they decided to buy some racing headphones!
After Cars Land, we went back to ride in the bugs again!

As we were walking over to get our seats for the show that night, the boys wanted to ride Luigi's Tires again.

 We found a spot to watch World of Color and Daddy bought everyone a Churro!

 The show was pretty cool, lots of music and water dancing!
But it was super late by the time we got back to the hotel.

 I think the boys were in bed for 5 minutes before being sound asleep!

Our last Full day in the parks was super long, but super Fun!!