Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!
Fun times with our cousins, yummy turkey and some dessert too :)
Rhett and Baby Tate hanging out with Papa.
Grayson and Grant were taking pictures with the iPad.
Mommy and Baby Tate, he is getting to be such a big boy!
First Official Kids Table!
Adult Table 1
Adult Table 2
We all got a good laugh out of Eme's early attempt at some "left overs"!!!
First bite of pumpkin pie.
Grant thought it was alright, Rhett wouldn't even try it (Big Surprise)
And we ended the evening with some puzzles.
Thanks Aunt Liz for helping us!
We had a wonderful day with our family!
Gaga, another delicious Turkey Dinner!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bob the Builder

Today I took the boys to the Children's Museum because they were having a special Bob the Builder exhibit! The boys have been watching Bob the Builder for about a year now, so to be able to go and see him and all the trucks was alot of fun!
Checking out Wendy's trailer (Bob's assistant)

Tool Puzzle
Grant taking "Rolly" for a spin
Rhett enjoyed crawling all over "Muck"
Rhett thought it would be fun to ride in "Scoops" backhoe.

Grant was hanging on tight to "Dizzy"
There was a stone wall that you could "build".
Grant really thought that was cool!
Hanging out with "Scoop"
Planting a garden
Rhett enjoyed building a house with the Legos

The Water Pump was a hit with both the boys!
Putting the "water" into the well so that they could pump it out on the other side.
One final ride on "Muck"
A super fun day at the Museum!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thomas & His Friend

Halloween started off with a visit from The Great Pumpkin!
They were so excited to see the blue pumpkins outside the door.

The Great Pumpkin left some cool markers and
new Thomas the Train toothbrushes!
Getting ready to start Trick or Treating
However, we had to spray the silly string in the driveway first!

Rhett was doing his best to get Razzles!
Our first stop was Ms. Linda & Mr. Carroll's across the street.
The boys were so excited because they gave them surprises (aka M&M's) and a book of stickers!
I think Ms. Linda has been paying attention :)
Then we went next door to Jenna and Abby's.

So we heard this loud noise down the street and we knew it was some sort of big truck.
And sure enough, it was! The local Fire Dept. was handing out glow necklaces, the boys couldn't have been happier!!
Watching the Fire Truck go by
Back to business
I think the boys went up to 4 houses total.
They could care less about the candy (possibly b/c they've never had it???) and wanted to get back to see Razzles!
They decided handing out the Play-doh to the "big kids" was way more fun.
3 girls dressed as black cats came by and Grant was quite taken by them.
As they walked away, he said: "Maybe they want to do something?"
We all died laughing, forever the party boy!
Happy Halloween!!!
A Fun Night for Everyone!