Friday, July 31, 2009

Swim Baby Swim!

The boys have been taking swimming lessons for the past two weeks. I think they really enjoyed it, aside from the "dunking"! Everytime we would walk in the door, Rhett would get so excited and just start squealing! We would always start the class in the splash pool and then move into the deeper part.
Aaron and the boys getting into the pool

Rhett in the splash pool, I think this was his favorite part because he could walk around all by himself!

The bubble fountain in the splash pool, Rhett liked this much more than Grant

Grant practicing his splashing

He loved these fountains and trying to climb up on the step

Now we are doing some serious swimming! Their teacher, Kristen, is holding Grant

Grant is practicing his kicking, he actually did a good job with this. Each time we had to dunk him under water, he would start kicking as he was coming back up! Which was obviously a goal we were working towards.

Rhett doing a little flirting, he enjoyed smiling and laughing at Kristen much more than he did kicking his legs!

We went outside to play on the slides and both boys went down the slide all by themselves! Sadly we didn't get pictures of this because I was at the top of the slide and Aaron was at the bottom to catch them! Overall, I think the entire family had a great time during the swimming lessons. It's so neat to be able to do "real" things with the boys now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Afternoon in the Park

I took the boys to the park today because for some strange reason they have been the crankiest kids you ever saw! So, I thought this might make them happy since they love to be outside. Rhett enjoyed himself in true Rhett fashion! Grant on the other hand, was getting a little hot and was ready to go home. When I reached down to hold his hand it was all sweaty, poor guy!!

So excited to be walking around on his own, he was stopping to touch the grass and pick up leaves. His hands were filthy! All of you who know me will be proud, I resisted my natural instincts and let him continue to touch everything and walk around with dirty hands! YIKES!!!
Thinking about going down the slide...
Walking and a little sitting around the Tree House

Not a fan of the swing anymore, I guess it was giving his tummy a funny feeling!
Juice Break

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Ball of Fun!

Rhett is always throwing things over the gate. He has figured out that if he throws balls they bounce and this is huge fun for him! Aaron was catching this ball and juggling it around before he gave it back and Rhett was totally cracking up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

12 Months Old!

Obviously these were taken on their Birthday, but I was waiting to put them up till after we had gone to the doctor. Everyone is very healthy and growing like weeds! The food ban has been lifted and they can have whatever now... of course I'm still going to be a little picky about their intake of "junk" food! I've noticed you can't miss what you haven't had!!! (I know, mean mommy....)

Rhett weighed 19lbs. 15oz. and 30 1/2 inches long.
We were concerned that he wouldn't weigh 20 lbs and would have to still face backwards in his car seat, but the Doctor said 1 oz was ok! YEA!!!
Grant, our big boy, weighed 21lbs. 3 oz. and 30 inches long.
We took our first car trip facing the front yesterday. They kept looking at me like "she's totally lost it, but we will just sit here and not make her feel bad". Not that much difference I guess you could say, they both still were fussing to get out!

This was the only way I could get both of them together to be still long enough for a picture!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Rhett & Grant!!!
The boys had a wonderful day; full of fun, family and friends!

Rhett waking up (he's not a morning person!)
Grant Man, he always needs a minute or two to get booted up!

First Present
Ball Pit, they loved it!

Our Friends Emma and Jameson stopped by to drop off a gift and play for a minute in our ball pit. We hope they come back soon, we were having alot of fun!

Just finished afternoon snack, about to get ready for the big PARTY!

Birthday Cakes!!!
Water Table from GaGa & Papa, we loved it even without the water!
Imagine all the fun we will have outside!
Thomas the Train book from Aunt Jane (Choo, Choo)
Rhett opening a present from Nanny Rachel,
it was an awesome Republican Elephant T-Shirt with his name on it!
(Never too early to teach them what's right! ha,ha,ha...)
Chairs from GiGi & Grandad, we LOVE these!
Especially Grant, he just sits in it for Minutes at a time!
Grant opening a present, they were very overwhelmed with all of the wonderful gifts they received!
Grant with his Cozy Coupe Car from Mommy & Daddy
Rhett taking his wheels for a spin!
Family Pic
(FYI: Aaron read on the box that the Cozy Coupe is the #1 selling car in the U.S. outsells the Honda Accord...)
Singing Happy Birthday to Rhett!
Grant's Turn!

The big moment.... he hated it! Spit it right out!
This cannot be my child, I could eat that whole thing in one sitting, NO problem!
Even though I don't like it, I'll clap for you and put on a Happy Face for the picture!
The Birthday Boys
Grant did a little better, he at least ate a few bites!

Since he didn't like his cake I decided to let him try Ice Cream...
You can see the results! What are we going to do???
Birthday Pinata

Cleaning up after a very messy day
We are tired and ready for bed!