Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

Tuesday, October 22nd started off with some Fun! We had breakfast with Chip & Dale and some other critter friends!

 The boys Love Chip & Dale, they watch those old cartoons all the time :)

 We kept missing Dale, but thankfully our waiter told him we had been waiting for awhile, so we were first on the rounds when he came back out.
 Rhett kept telling me when he saw Dale he was going to tell him a joke! Not sure where that came from and I'm not sure that he remembered to tell him a joke, I think he was a little star struck!
 After breakfast, we headed into the park for the Magic Hour!
That extra hour without the general public is Very nice!!
 Ran into Pluto right away and got his autograph and picture.
 Headed down Main Street
 Family picture in front of the castle! The couple right before us were very entertaining, the guy proposed to his girlfriend right there in front of everyone! Kind of fun to see!

 After Dumbo, we headed right over to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The boys really liked being able to "drive."

 Peter Pan
Rhett kept asking me if he was going to fly away but after thinking about it for a minute he realized that Tinkerbell wasn't with him and he has to have pixie dust to fly!
 Riding the train around the park.
 I was so upset that It's A Small World was closed the entire time we were there :(
Apparently they were getting ready for Christmas, come on people, couldn't they wait till after Halloween???
 Next up, Toon Town
Grant was trying out Minnie's Bed.
 Watching the dishwasher
 A Fridge full of cheese! Rhett's favorite!
 Meeting Minnie Mouse

 Then we went next door and met Mickey!

 We had alot of fun going through Mickey's house!

 Daddy & I sat down for a few minutes while the boys played in Chip & Dale's Treehouse.
 Hanging out on Donald Duck's Boat
 Goofy's House
Go Go Gadget Coaster
Those are Grant's hands in the air!

 Pooh Bear's Honey Pots
Rhett was really happy to ride them, the sun was in his eyes so he doesn't look that happy!

 Picture with Eeyore
 Great Big Hug for Pooh Bear!
 Rhett LOVES Pooh Bear, he has slept with Pooh ever since he was a baby!
Ok... So for me, this is when our day got really cool!
Star Wars Jedi Training
 Listening to the instructions in hopes we would get picked!
Unfortunately, Grant had a major meltdown right before so he did not get picked :(
 The Jedi Masters 
 Rhett was the 1st one picked! I was super pumped, I think he was too!

 Each Youngling got a "training" lightsaber
They taught the kids some moves so that they could be Jedi Knights!
 Then, it got really cool! Darth Vader arrived!

 Each of the kids got a chance to "fight" Darth Vader.

 Rhett did a fantastic job!! We were all so proud of him!

 The Younglings defeated Darth Vader and he went back to his ship.

 Showing us his Diploma from Jedi School!
 We all needed a break, so we left the park for a few hours and went back to the hotel to swim for a bit.

After the swimming, the boys warmed up by the big fire place!
After our break at the hotel, we went back to Disneyland to have dinner and watch the evening parade.
 Mickey's SoundSational Parade
 On our way back, we stopped for a little Pinocchio Dancing!
Whew! Another fun day and 2 more to go!!

These are the videos from the Jedi Training!