Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look Out World!

Here WE Come!
The boys had their first day of Pre-School today. I can hardly believe they are old enough to do something so Big! They started the morning off with breakfast and a little chat :)

Outside the school, doesn't he look so big with his backpack on?

Grant was not as impressed with his backpack

Walking to their classroom

This is their room, Opal, the school has a "Gem" Theme
Pointing out the bathroom where everyone lines up to wash their hands
Their classroom, I didn't get a picture of their teacher, Ms. Blake, it was a little crazy!
I'm sure she will make an appearance eventually.
Daddy helping Grant change into his slippers. (they don't wear street shoes in the classroom, hoping to cut down on dirt and smashed fingers!)
Rhett waiting in line to wash his hands. He is yelling at the little boy "Share, Share". He knows he's supposed to wait his turn and share just not fully understanding the whole concept though!
(If you look closely, I'm in the mirror)
Grant checking out some of the manipulatives
These are the TV screens in the Lobby. Each classroom and all the playgrounds are displayed so you can check on your child at any time!
The boys had a great day. Ms. Blake said that Rhett had a wonderful time, Grant cried a few times, but overall had a good day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

That's right, an Ice Cream Truck came to see the boys!
(Rachel's next door neighbor owns this company, so she arranged for them to come by our house today!) My boys are so lucky to have so many people who love them so much that they go to such lengths just to see a smile on their face! I am so grateful that Rachel is one of those people!!!

Meeting the Truck, Grant was first on the scene, Big Surprise :)
Rhett could hardly believe it, he had to step back and take it all in!

Making his selection
Patrick, the ice cream guy, told the boys they could come in and watch. Rhett was a little nervous
Grant on the other hand thought it was pretty cool!
Mmmm, their first Ice Cream Cones!
(they didn't have to share with anyone)

Taking one last look at the Truck, Grant noticed the blue wheels.
I think it's safe to say the boys had a good morning!
Thanks Rachel for putting that together!