Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christmas 2013

So.... I have had some official complaints about the lack of my blogging! It wasn't intentional, just got busy with life! I think most of the family that reads our blog, just really wants to see pictures, so my catch up will mostly be pictures!! 
We began our Christmas Celebration with what Aaron likes to call "A Very Pampa Christmas"! We got together with my mothers side of the family for dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. We had a great time!

 Trying to get all the kiddos to look at the camera at once proved difficult! This is the best we could get. 
Sailor and Grant, helping Baby Duke open his gift.

 The boys were super thrilled with their Planes toys! 
 By the end of the night, we were silly!
 A few days after "Pampa Christmas", we had our good friends, Ryan and Nathaniel over for a Christmas lunch. We always have a fun time when these guys are around!
 Next up, Santa Brunch at the Amarillo Club

 Before we knew it, it was time to travel to Bedford for Christmas with Gaga & Papa.
 It has become a tradition to decorate Gingerbread Houses with all the cousins.
So here they are hard at work!
 Finished Product
 Ready for the delicious Christmas dinner Gaga made for us!
 Playing with Tate's trains
 Cousin Picture
(Rhett & Grant 5 yrs, Emelynne 3 yrs, Grayson 6 yrs, Tate 2 yrs)
 Present Time!!!

 These pictures crack me up! We got all the kids some hunting clothes and guns. As you can see the boys were having a ball, Eme on the other hand was not as impressed!

 Papa with the Great Hunters
 Christmas Eve we were at Gigi's House celebrating with Grandad's family.

 Ganny with all her Greatgrand Boys!
(Rhett, Palmer, Duke & Grant)
 Chilling with Brad, Barbara and Baby Palmer

 Super excited for their gifts!
 After a fun day in Pampa, we were back home getting ready for Santa to visit!
Christmas Day pictures will be coming soon, I promise :)