Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ehrlich Family Visit

The day after Christmas, we had some very special visitors!
The Ehrlich Family came over for dinner and they brought dessert!!
First things first, Rhett & Grant had to open their gifts.
Boy does Ms. Heather know how to make these boys happy!
Super Hero Backpacks and...
Spiderman P.J.'s !!!
The boys were thrilled and we wear those pajamas very often :)
Then is was Baby Josh's turn. Grant was "helping" Josh with his gift!
Baby Ryan showing off his new Jammies!
A gift opening session wouldn't be complete without Rhett "helping" someone with their presents. He said it might be too hard for Baby Josh to open!
Thank You Ehrlich Family for a great evening!
We miss you guys so much and can't wait for the next get-together!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

Santa left some wonderful gifts this year for Rhett & Grant!
I think they got everything they asked for and more!!

Here they come, they were so excited to know that Santa had left them presents.

Oh Wow! A crane and construction trucks, Rhett was thrilled!
All Grant kept asking for, was a BIG Airplane.
What do you think???

Daddy is helping Rhett learn how to use the remote control to move the new crane.
Grant has spotted the Elmo band and is trying out the guitar.
Rhett is helping Elmo play his tambourine.
What band is complete without drums :)
Both boys have enjoyed practicing the drums, alot!
Rhett got a kick out of the Sit n' Spin.
He loved turning around and around!
Santa even left some surprises for Mommy & Daddy!
Daddy opening his new smoker.
(We had our first smoked pork loin last night, it was tasty!!)
What could it be?
Buzz Lightyear,

To the Rescue!
Razzles and Linky
GiGi opening one of her gifts
Rhett is helping me open the gift that he and Grant picked out for me.
An iPad, YEA!!!
Rhett was back to his old tricks of "helping" Grandad with his gifts!
Rhett loves to watch all the older kids in our neighborhood ride their scooters and skateboards. So when he opened his gift from Razzles and Linky, he was VERY happy to see what was inside!
Taking Pooh Bear for a ride :)
Oh how Grant loved the big presents!
Yea, Grant got a scooter too!!

Once again, we had a wonderful Christmas.
We are so very blessed and grateful for all our Family and Friends!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve full of food, fun and presents!!!
Right after a yummy dinner, we got started on the gifts. The boys were so excited this year, it was really fun to watch them!

Mr. Potato Heads from Aunt Melissa

Trying out the new camera from Gaga and Papa
Aunt Brooke made the boys these new Rangers Blankets.
As you can see, Grant was thrilled and has slept with it ever since :)

Rhett had a busy evening...
Helping everyone
Open their gifts
Those boxes can be tricky!
Aunt Amy and Baby Tate
Aunt Amy made all the boys Super Hero costumes.
They are so cute!!!
Thankfully we had 3 Christmas Crime fighters to keep that pesky Grinch away from...
Cindy Lou!!!
After we were back home, it was time to get ready for bed.
We needed to set out Cookies & Milk for Santa,

Read The Polar Express,
And hang the bell from Santa's Sleigh
on our Christmas Tree!
Now we are all ready for visions of Sugar Plums!