Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Rhett & Grant woke up this morning to find some treats left by the Great Pumpkin.

Rhett is showing us all of his goodies.
Grant is more interested in seeing his blow up Hunkin!
He finally decided to look and see what he got.

Looks like it's going to be a Happy Halloween!
Trick-or-Treat pictures coming soon...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going to Razzles House

On Monday, Rhett got up from his nap determined to go immediately outside.
I let him play around for awhile and then told him it was time to go get Grant up. He wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea but he came inside. I explained that as soon as Grant had his snack we could go back outside.

So, once Grant was ready to go, Rhett is standing at the door saying: Go Razzles House.
I told him we would just be playing in the yard, but he kept insisting that we Go to Razzles House! I finally gave in and went and got my keys and we loaded up to go over to Razzles house.
Sidebar: As many of you are aware, we don't leave home without Pooh Bear and Humpty. So, the extra bag that Rhett was carrying with him really didn't seem odd.

We pull up to Razzles house and discover that no one is home. I gave her a call to find out if she would be back soon, but she was out running errands. I told her how Rhett wanted to come to her house and apparently he planned on staying awhile! As we were sitting in the driveway I finally took a look into his bag, and this is what he had packed for his trip!
Any guesses on how long he planned on staying? I laughed out loud because it was just too funny that he had managed to pack this bag up full of toys and his juice cup without me even noticing! I started telling Razzles all the things that he had packed; Pablo, a couple of balls, Juice Cup and some Little People.
As soon as I finished this sentence, Rhett leans over and looks at me very matter of fact and says Airplane. I didn't tell Razzles that he had also packed his airplane!
This kid doesn't miss a thing!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hunkin Patch

We took the boys to the Pumpkin Patch today.
They have both been into pumpkins this year and they very affectionately call them "Hunkins"!

Doesn't even know where to start!
It is becoming even more difficult to get a good picture of them together.
They do not want to sit still AT ALL!
Start your engines...

Rhett loved driving all the tractors!
Choosing his baby "hunkin"
Rhett picking out his pumpkin
Posing with our prized Pumpkins

Carrying our purchases to the car.

We had a wonderful time at the Patch!