Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Program

Wednesday, December 19th was the boys Christmas Program at their school.
They were all dressed in the Nutcracker Sweaters and Christmas Pants. (according to Grant!)

There are 3 classes of 4 year olds.
They all performed together.
Grant spotted us right off!
They sang 3 songs and then started "The Christmas Story".
Grant saying his line: A manger was Baby Jesus' bed when he was born.
Rhett's line: A manger holds hay for the animals to eat. (Unfortunately my camera decided to be crazy and I didn't get a pic of Rhett with the microphone :(
After the program was over, we went to the Fellowship Hall for a little party.
They were super excited, we had our own table with Cookies & Punch!
Good thing too, because I think they had the most guests out of all the kids!!

GiGi and Grandad
Razzles and Linky
Grandpa Weldon
Here they are with our neighbors and good friends, Nathaniel and Ryan.
This is their teacher, Ms. Joy

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Very Pampa Christmas

On Saturday, December 15th we celebrated Christmas with GiGi's side of the family.
The boys were hanging out with Natalie and Jaycee when the doorbell rang!

 Ho, Ho, Ho 
Merry Christmas!!!
Santa came for a special visit!
 Santa had gifts for everyone.
Rhett & Grant received Curious George dolls.
 Santa has been paying very good attention because they have been watching Curious George cartoons and loving them!
 Jaycee got a new Twister Game!
 Santa brought Natalie some really cool earmuffs.
 Baby Sailor & Baby Anistyn got Radio City Rockette Dolls.
 Santa even had some Vera Bradley slippers for Allison!
 Pictures with Santa!!!

 Even Linky wanted to give Santa his wish list for Christmas :)

 I looked up and saw the boys talking to Santa and telling him Thank You for their Curious George's and then they both reached up for a hug! So sweet.
 After visiting for awhile, Santa had to get back to the North Pole.
 The boys followed Santa out the door, they wanted to see his sleigh!

 After our visit from Santa, it was time to open gifts!
 Sailor opening her gift.
 The boys were super excited to open up their presents too!

 Rhett got a Whac-A-Mole Game and a Car Track
 Grant received a Build A Road set, he loves it!!

 Pictures with Razzles

 We ended our day with a yummy dinner and then headed back to Amarillo.

 When I went in to check on Rhett that night, I found him like this.
I think Santa knew just what to get him!