Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Day in Red River

On the 3rd day in Red River, we went on an ATV Tour. We all had a great time, it really was so much fun!

 We got to see lots of beautiful scenery.

 This was our ATV
 One of our stops was at Foster Meadow. We got out and walked around for awhile.
 The boys had a really great time here, playing with the tree limbs,
 Watching Daddy carve their initials in the tree and just running through the meadow!

 On the way back, I got some great pictures of the boys having a blast!
 After the ATV Tour, we went back into town and road the Go Carts.
As you can see this was also super Fun!
 That evening we went back to the Ranch Area for a Cowboy Dinner.
 Singing some cowboy songs :)
 The Chuck Wagon
 There were lots of things to do, like relax in a cool swing,

 Hang out in a Tee-Pee
 And meet another set of twin boys!

 Rhett Loved the cinnamon rolls!

 We had a good time at the dinner, lots of fun and the food was great too!
 That night when we got back, the ducks came swimming up to the boys, waiting to be fed!
 I have a feeling those ducks ate more in 3 days than they normally did in a month!
 The next morning, as Aaron & I were packing up, this guy came walking through the cabins!
 The boys thought it was so cool to see the deer walking around, unfortunately a big truck came through and scared him away.
 The boys enjoyed playing at the playground while we got ready to leave.

 One last run around the fishing lake!
We had such a great trip, we look forward to many more summer get aways!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Red River Day 1 & 2

On August 18th, we loaded up and drove to Red River, NM for a few days!
This was our cabin, the boys were so excited to be there!

 This was our view from our cabin.
 First thing, we went to eat lunch at the Dairy Bar. 
Grant was so happy when he could touch the roof, he kept saying he was a Giant!
 After lunch, we walked over to the chair lift to ride up the mountain.
 We switched partners on the way down!

 Taking a little walk on one of the trails.

 There were chipmunks everywhere! This particular one was very friendly, the boys named him Alvin!
 View of our ride back down.

 When we got back to the cabin, we fed the ducks and
 Did a little fishing.

 That evening we went to dinner at Texas Reds Steakhouse.
 This was the boys kids meal! Super cute and very yummy!
 Beautiful Full Moon, walking back to the cabin.
 The next day it rained, 
 and rained,
 and rained some more.
 So, we loaded up and went to play Putt-Putt Golf.

 Afterwards, we came back to the cabin and we all took a nice nap :)
Thankfully, the rain had stopped and we did some more fishing and Grant caught one!
 That evening we went to dinner at Sundance (Mexican Food), the boys were super happy to find that they had toys to play with while we waited for a table! 
Our last day will be coming soon.