Monday, January 24, 2011

Horsing Around

Daddy sure makes a great horse!
But this is really Great!!!

Grant of course wanted a Cowboy Hat to wear.
I appreciate that he always wants a costume :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Morning

The boys waited very patiently at the top of the stairs for everyone to wake up!
Then we headed down to see what Santa left!
Surveying their Loot

Oh the Fire Truck! This is all Grant wanted, I think he liked it.
The ladder extends and makes lots of great noise!
Rhett really enjoys paying for things at the store, so Santa knew just what he would like.
His very own cash register :)
Wow, a big truck that hauls around other trucks, this is great!
Checking out the ATM machine, he loves to push buttons.
Opening his Woody
The boys really thought these were pretty funny because they talk!

A nice "Christmas Vacation" picture :)
Daddy with his new bow
Santa also left the boys some fun tents to play in (and on)

They worked hard, but they finally got them all collapsed. It took them about 30 min!
Moving right along...
Christmas at Grandma's
Grant thought Grandma would like to share her brunch with him!
Nothing says Christmas like new Power Tools!!!
Aunt Jamie and Uncle Scott got the boys this super cool tool bench.
It has EVERYTHING and I mean everything!
We had a very Merry Christmas, hope you did too!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

We arrived in Pampa on the 23rd, so the very next day we jumped right into Christmas Festivities!

GiGi and Grandad had a few presents that "needed" to be opened early!
The boys were thrilled to get some trains and it was nice to have something to keep them busy for a little while!

After their nap, it was time for some dinner.
The rest of the family ate a late lunch/early dinner while the boys napped.
Time for more presents :)
Grant is showing GiGi his new Thomas phone
Aunt Pat received a call on Rhett's phone!
Yea! More Trains, the boys have loved pushing them around on the tracks.
During the White Elephant Gift Exchange, Daddy ended up with a machine that makes only Cupcakes! Oh boy, won't this be fun!
Time to open up our Christmas P.J.'s and head off to bed.
Trying on his new firetruck slippers.
We have a tradition of watching "Christmas Vacation" on Christmas Eve.
GiGi found everyone Griswold T-Shirts this year for our jammies!
All ready for visions of SugarPlums to dance through their heads!

We can't wait to see what Santa brings!