Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Night

Easter evening, we went over to Gaga & Papa's house for another egg hunt!
The hunters are lined up and ready to go! (Emelynne, Grayson, Rhett & Grant)

 All the grandkids with Papa and Gaga.
We had a great egg hunt, lots of goodies!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny left lots of fun goodies this year!
He brought all of the boys favorites; Spiderman, dinosaurs and surprises! (aka: M&M's)

 Very excited to check out their baskets!
 Playing with his tiny dinosaurs
 Rhett found a snake in one of his eggs, YIKES!
 Gave in and let them have the Rice Crispy Treat that was in their basket :)
 Looking in the view finder at all the animals
 Daddy was teaching Grant how to close one eye to look into his view finder :)
 All ready for church, watching a show in hopes we can stay clean, at least till we get to church!!
 Tried to get a picture outside, but they were being very silly :)

 Our Family
 Grandad and Gigi joined us for church again this year.
 I thought this picture was so cute. It was pouring down rain after church, thankfully we did pictures before! 
We went home for naps and then headed over to Gaga and Papa's for another egg hunt! (Pictures coming soon)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday Egg Hunt

We had an Egg Hunt at our house Saturday morning with Grandad, Gigi, Razzles & Linky!
The eggs are ready and waiting to be found :)

 And they're off, very excited to find all the eggs!

 Grant went straight to the BIG eggs, he had a little trouble fitting them into his basket.
 Rhett also found a giant egg!
 I'm not sure why, but this year every egg Grant picked up, he opened right away!

 A very full basket, they had to switch out to another one!
 I have a feeling I will see this picture again during a Little League game!

 All the eggs had been found, now it was time to go in and see what was inside!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Eggs!!!

On Saturday before Easter, we dyed some eggs!
Both boys had a great time!!

Showing Grandad and Razzles all the beautiful Easter Eggs!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 Little Ducklings

A couple of days before Easter, Daddy brought home 2 surprises for the boys!
They LOVE surprises, so they were super excited to go outside and see what it could be.

2 Baby Ducks!
Here we are getting to know everybody.

After some consideration, Grant named his duck, Derrick.
Rhett went with Jack.
Getting acquainted with their new home.
The boys call the pool their nest!
Grant LOVES holding the ducks, however the ducks aren't too keen on being held :)
Rhett on the other hand is a little nervous.
He wants to want to hold them!

1st Swim in the Big Pool!
I think it's so funny how they stick so closely together, kind of sweet :)
This is as close to holding Jack as Rhett has got.
Still a little nervous!
So we've had these ducks just a little over a week and they are HUGE!!
They enjoy waddling around in the back while the boys play.
I believe in another week, they will be ready to go to their new home, the park by our house.
That way we can go visit often!!