Saturday, April 24, 2010

Razzles at the Zoo!

We went to the Zoo on Friday and took a few friends with us!
Razzles was there to lend some helping hands, thank goodness!
We also invited our neighbors to come along too, I think everyone had a great time!

Grant really enjoys turtles, which I think is fitting since he used to be my "little turtle man".
(He used to move very slowly, NOT anymore!)
We stopped by the boys' Hippos to see how they are doing. One of them actually stuck their head out for a second...
Razzles with the boys in front of Hippos. They are back there, I promise!
I think Rhett decided if the birds wouldn't come to him, he would just go get one!
Feeding the birdies, if this is the only thing Grant gets to do at the zoo, he is totally fine!

Holding Hands with Jenna as we were leaving the Zoo

3 Amigos!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quack, Quack, Ducks!

Aaron was mowing the lawn this evening and he came in to get the boys because there were two ducks in the yard! We see these ducks often around the neighborhood, but never this close. They stayed in the yard for quite awhile.

We had to put Rhett in the truck because all he wanted to do was chase the ducks!
Throwing bread out to the ducks
Isn't he pretty!
His girlfriend!

Grant and Aaron throwing bread to the ducks
One last look...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Hunt with Gaga & Papa

And they're Off!
Rhett, Grant and Grayson on the hunt for more Easter Eggs!
Cousin Grayson looking at his basket
Notice the softball in Grant's basket, he found that inside and insisted on putting it in his basket with his eggs
I love the way Rhett was carrying his basket, it was driving his Dad nuts though!

Group Shot: Rhett just dropped his basket on the ground and thought it was hilarious!
And now, Grayson and Grant are laughing at his "accident"

An Easter Concert!
The music was very nice and LOUD!!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny left the boys lots of fun goodies!
Rhett is checking out his Easter Basket
Grant is very into Balloons lately, so the Easter Bunny left him a little "boon"!
Hmm... what is this???
(the boys haven't had much candy)

Grant's new "Trutch" Book

Loving on his new bunny
After playing with all their new toys from the Easter Bunny, the boys found some more surprises outside on the porch! (Our nanny, Rachel, made the boys these rabbits and they loved them!)

After Church, we probably shouldn't have stood in front of the windows, sort of messed up the light...

Trying to escape up the stairs, but caught by Daddy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Saturday

We had a very busy and fun filled Easter Weekend! It all began Saturday morning when the boys found their Store Bought Baskets. (A little history here: I always wanted one of those cellophane wrapped baskets when I was growing up and my mother would never let me have one! Of course we always had beautiful baskets with wonderful prizes inside that she put together, but for some reason I was sure one of those cheap store baskets would make my Easter complete!) Therefore... the boys received their first cellophane wrapped baskets!

The Easter Egg Hunt
Surveying the land...

Grant found the giant egg first
Then Rhett found another one!

Grant is looking into Rhett's basket to see if there are any eggs that he needs
Sure enough, there were!
Rhett is helping Grant carry his heavy basket.

Confetti Eggs!!!
These eggs are a family tradition and I was very excited to see if the boys would enjoy them, I think they did!

We had a great Saturday, more to come of the rest of our weekend!