Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Santa Visit!

We arrived in Pampa on Monday and that evening we got together with all my High School friends and parents. It was so much fun to see everyone's kids, I think there were 11 children under the age of 4! You can imagine the excitement when Santa arrived!!!

Grant greeting Santa
Some of the kids playing
Rhett sticking close to Grandad in case Santa tried anything funny...
Santa started giving out Rudolph Candy Canes, so Rhett decided he would put on his brave face and go and get one!

Pretty happy with his prize
Grant getting his Candy Cane
Santa brought a bell from his sleigh for everyone to ring
Trying to join in the festivities, but keeping a safe hand in case of emergency!
Grant telling Santa all about his BFF, Humpty
About 2 seconds later, Rhett was a hysterical mess, Again...
We tried though!

Sparkman Family, Thanks for hosting such a great evening! We enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with The Ladd's

We celebrated Christmas with Aaron's family on Sunday night before we headed to Pampa on Monday. In true "Ladd Fashion" Rhett squeezed in a little football before the festivities!

Our Dinner Table, pictures are out of order and for the life of me can't get them to switch... (Sometimes I despise this blog!)

Opening presents from Aunt Amy & Uncle Hagan, cool new cell phones and books that we love!
Gaga opening her present from Grayson, Rhett & Grant. We had Aunt Amy take pictures of all three of the boys at the park. They turned out so cute... don't you wish you could see them?? Sorry, I'm not too skilled these days, I'm doing good to get this out!

And finally, the BIG present! Gaga and Papa got the boys a playhouse. They love it!!! They are so impressed by the door and doorbell that really works.

Grant wanting to see Grayson's new workbench.

We had a great time with Aaron's family and as always we have some wonderful new memories and fun gifts!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Twas' the week before Christmas and all through the night, the children were buzzing because Santa was in sight!

Tonight we took the boys to see Santa at his Southlake Home! This was so cool...
Santa and Mrs. Clause sit outside their home and visit with all the children that come by. Everyone gets a candy cane, but the little guys get special toys from Santa's Bag!
We didn't want to push our luck with a lap picture, so we opted for a family photo instead. If you look closely, you can see that Santa gave Grant a sweet little puppy and Rhett got a cute Snowman! I think they were impressed ever so slightly that Santa was handing out gifts this time!
Walking around and looking at all the lights. The pictures do not do the house justice. This place truly looks like the Northpole! Everything is twinkling and shiny!

Santa and Mrs. Clause have their house open so that you can go inside and see their beautiful tree and snow village. I can't imagine all the work the elves have to do to set all of this up!

We all had a ball! I love doing these things with the boys and seeing the excitement on their faces. I hope that you all are enjoying this time with your family too!
Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spaghetti Anyone?

Yes, you guessed it, we had spaghetti for dinner! We are starting to let the boys feed themselves more often because I have discovered they eat more when they do! As you can see they thoroughly enjoyed their dinner. They both ate 2 bowls!

I know there are 2 people reading this right now (Grandad & Gigi) and they are having small heart attacks because of the mess! But don't worry everything is spic and span now and all my boys were happy with their dinner!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby... It's Cold Outside!

We woke up Wednesday morning to Snow! It didn't last long and of course melted within an hour, but it was very fun to see. The boys weren't sure what was happening out there!
In lieu of the wintery weather, we went to Boomerang's for the day! (bounce house place)
The boys had a wonderful time and so did Rachel and I. There was only one other family there, so we basically had the place to ourselves.

Having a little snack after a Very Busy morning!

I tried to post a video, but it just didn't work. It wasn't that great of quality so just imagine them running very fast everywhere and giggling alot!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Give Thanks

Our Thanksgiving Celebration began the weekend before Thanksgiving. We flew to Pampa to spend some time with my family. Unfortunately, we did not get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. Both boys were pretty sick with what the doctor called a "bug". They were running fevers, tired and just all around miserable. We ended up coming home earlier than planned and we didn't get to enjoy one of the family meals because we had to take the boys back to my parents. I did feel so bad for them, they were very pitiful. I did manage to get a few pictures of the flight to Pampa.

Notice the "Flight Suits"!!!

Opening an early Christmas Present from some family friends. I think they were just as impressed with the giant boxes as they were with the actual gift!
Yea! A table for inside... they love sitting here. Who would have thought a table could be so much fun!
Thanksgiving Day
Gaga & Papa's House
Gaga is sharing her ice, both boys think this is just hilarious!
I Love, Love, Love this picture of Grant!!! He has the best laugh in the world.
(sorry for my fat face...)
Rhett loving on Daddy
What could be better than ending the day with a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Every year I'm amazed at the blessings God has given me. A wonderful husband, who is always so supportive, loving and helpful. Two beautiful baby boys that I love more than I could even say! Parents, my sister and my In-Laws are always there when we need them, willing to help in any way. I'm not sure what I did to deserve all of this, but I know for sure that I am truly Thankful.