Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This last Saturday, we went to the Hall's Pumpkin Farm.
We have been coming to this pumpkin patch for the past 4 years and the boys love it more each year! They are starting to remember all the things that they get to do, which is pretty cool.

On the way over, Rhett kept talking about driving the tractors.
He spent alot of time on all the different tractors!

I thought as the boys got older it would be easier to get pictures of them together, wishful thinking :)

A little sliding

The boys were very impressed with all the corn
Grant kept asking if he could eat it yet or did it have to keep growing!
Cowboy Rhett
Cowboy Grant
They finally got their hands on a wagon, they were so excited!
Loading it up with pumpkins

They had a ball putting all the pumpkins in, they weren't too excited when we made them unload it though.

On our way to the front to pay for our pumpkins!
They love the "baby" pumpkins, so that's what they each chose this year!
What a great day! See you next year Pumpkin Patch!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Hunkin' Time!

So back in September, Grant and I went to Hobby Lobby and they had all their pumpkins out. He told me he wanted to go to the Hunkin' Patch. I had to explain to him that the "Hunkins" were not ready yet, they were still growing.
But... on Tuesday, they were finally ready!!

We met our friends Jameson and Emma at the Dallas Arboretum to see the Fairytale Pumpkin Village. It was so much fun!
Rhett was being very silly, he doesn't like to sit still for pictures.
Cinderella's Carriage
The pumpkin garden, tons of different pumpkins.
They had a petting zoo too!

There were piles of pumpkins everywhere for the kids to climb on, which was loads of fun!

The Hay Bale Maze

Beauty and the Beast Castle
(this, of all things, was the hit of the trip!)
All the kids loved climbing in and out of the windows,
and playing chase!

We were all so tired at the end that we had to sit and take a rest!
We had a great day!
So many "Hunkins"!

Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday, we took the boys to the Alliance Airshow.
We all had a great time, the boys LOVED looking at all the airplanes and helicopters!
This was their favorite plane. Grant talks about Bi-planes ALL the time!
(Rhett calls them bi-airplanes)

Grandad met us out there for the show.

Sitting in a helicopter
The bi-plane show :)
Rhett and Daddy watching some planes in the sky
These circles were made by two planes and one parachuter!
Pretty cool!
Parachuter coming in as the National Anthem was sung.
So glad I got this picture!
Boys singing the Anthem
Grant was so happy to be watching all the planes!

Playing with his new bi-plane
Coast Guard Helicopter
I couldn't believe how well the boys did watching everything!
It was a really fun day!