Friday, July 27, 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No, It's A SUPER Party!

The boys had a Super Fun party on Saturday with all their friends!
It was a great way to spend our last day in Keller!

 Lining up to go into the gym.
 First up: Trampolines!!! 

 Then it was time to gather on the floor for some fun.
 Our coaches were Seth & Jordan.
They were great with the kids!
 Had everyone laughing in no time!
 Moving right along to Parachute time!! This is always a favorite of the boys!
 Rhett is standing with his sweet friend from school, Ansley.
 Grant was next to their closest friend, "Cake" (aka: Kate)!
 At the end of the party, the kids get to bounce down this trampoline into a GIANT foam pit  
 Grant is swinging into the pit!
 That's him on the left after he dropped!
 Rhett is patiently waiting for his turn...
 There he goes!

 After the foam pit fun, the coaches told the boys they had gifts for them.
They made them close their eyes and count to 4, then they pulled out these girly leotards!!
 They were both very good sports, but kept looking at me, like, Are they Serious???
 Then they gave them their real gifts!
Gold Medals!!!
 Now it was time for the important stuff :)
Cake and treats!

 All the little Superheroes in their capes!
They looked so cute!
 Thank you Gigi & Razzles for all your help with the capes and decorations!
Wouldn't have been such a Super party without you!
The boys had a great time with all their friends!
It was a Super Fun Party!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Party

The night of the boys birthday we met at the neighborhood clubhouse for a family party!
The boys were very excited for the Party!!!

 I loved their cake this year, I found the cutest bakery last minute and they did such a great job!
 Eating our birthday pizza and watching the birthday video.

 Singing Happy Birthday!
 Blowing out 4 candles :)
 Grant's turn!
 Yum, yum... Cake & Ice Cream
Their cake was baked with "Surprises" (aka: M&M's) inside, they were very pumped for that treat!
 Opening up the Batcave from Gaga & Papa.
They have been looking at this in Target for months, very excited!
 New Suitcase from Gigi & Grandad
 Razzles did some really SUPER wrapping this year!
 How did she know they Love Superheroes???
Mommy & Daddy got the boys some new shoes. 
Rhett got Captain America 
 Grant got The Hulk!
 Rhett with his Spiderman suitcase from Gigi & Grandad
 Aunt Jane got the boys some really cute puppets :)
 Opening up his new skates.
 For the past few months, if you asked Rhett what he wanted for his birthday he would say: Yellow Skates! Well... it's impossible to find yellow skates for 1st timers! So we had to settle on silver.
 He didn't seem to mind too much though!
Getting all suited up!
 Grandad helped Grant get his skates on.
 And they're off! They both did great, I couldn't believe how well they were doing!

 Before the party ended, we took pictures with everyone there.
This is Mr. Carroll and Ms. Linda from across the street. They were the best neighbors and we will miss them tons!
 Razzles & Linky with Batman & "Captain Spiderman"
 Aunt Jane
 The Franklins
Uncle Matt, Aunt Brooke, Grayson & Emelynne
 Gaga & Papa
 Gigi & Grandad
As always the boys had a fantastic Birthday!
They are so blessed to have such a great family, thank you to everyone!!!