Friday, January 25, 2013

1st Hunting Trip

A few weekends ago, Razzles and I went to Dallas for the weekend.
Daddy took Rhett & Grant on their first Dunk Hunt! They were super excited and couldn't wait to get into their hunting clothes!

 Sitting behind the blind. Daddy got them some special earphones so that the gun shots would not hurt their ears :)
 Daddy and His Boys
 Grandad stopped by to see how it was going.
 One last picture by the lake with the decoys.
From what I heard, everyone had a great time!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A White Christmas Day

After we had our Christmas Morning at home, we got in the car to drive to Pampa to see GiGi, Grandad, Razzles and Linky. We had a beautiful White Christmas, but it was a little crazy to be driving in!
Showing off their Davy Crockett hats!

 They were very interested to find out what was in those Big bags that Razzles & Linky brought them.
 OH Boy! Sleeping bags!!!
Grant's is a Bear and Rhett's is a Lion
 They love them and insisted on sleeping in them that night!
 New Leap Pad from Gigi & Grandad
 Razzles opening her present from the boys.
(When I asked them what they wanted to buy her this year, Grant promptly said: A Watch. I told them that was a great idea! A few days later, Rhett and I were at Target and he insisted we buy Razzles watch at Target and it HAD to be yellow. Once we were back home, he wanted to wrap it himself, so I let him! He did a great job and was so very proud!)
 He couldn't wait for her to put it on!!
 Back to more gift opening
 Helping Gigi open the plates that they painted for her gift.
 Helping Linky open his gift :)
 Grandad was trying out his new Duck Commander duck call. The boys thought it was super funny!
 Back to "helping"
 Daddy & Linky opening up their Benelli Shotguns.
 I think they were both very excited!
 We had a great day with the family and once again, were very blessed with such wonderful gifts!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

We woke up Christmas morning very excited to come down stairs and see what Santa had left the boys!
They came running in and they were thrilled to find...
Their gifts from Santa!

 All Grant wanted from Santa was a Polar Express train like Daddy's.
He was so excited to find that he got what he asked for!
 Rhett asked for a Flying Ball and a Jake Toy.
Thank goodness Santa knew what a Flying Ball was, because we had no idea!
 We spent the next half hour playing and looking at all the wonderful new toys!

 Then it was time to open gifts.

 Rhett was pretty excited for his Pirate costume.
 Grant was very happy to get a Piggy Bank!
 Daddy was giving Rhett a big Thank You hug for his gift.
 Taking a break to do some more playing :)
Grant loves to just sit and watch his train and Rhett has become a building machine, he LOVES Legos!
Merry Christmas my Sweet Boys!
We Love you very much!!