Friday, January 16, 2015

Family Birthday Party

On Saturday, all our family gathered together to Celebrate the Boys 6th Birthday!
Legos were everywhere and the Boys had a Blast!
Once again, they were very specific about the type of cake they wanted! Rhett wanted a number 6 white cake with Legos all around.
 Grant wanted a strawberry giant Lego cake.
I think the bakery pulled them off well!
 Food Table and building with giant Legos!
Present Time!
 Grant showing Aunt Stacey his baby Bravo from Razzles & Linky.
 Rhett loves the Metal Detector that Razzles & Linky gave him!
 Rhett & Grant are so lucky to have so much family that loves them and are happy to celebrate with them every year!
 You can't have a Lego party without a Lego Building Contest!
 Grant choosing his favorite creation!
 Rhett's turn!
 Grant chose Sailor's Lego Creation
 And Rhett chose Olaf, Britty's (aka Britton) creation!
Rhett & Grant had a wonderful 6th Birthday! They are so very blessed to be surrounded by so much family!!

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